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The secret to a ‘successful’ script today is creating characters we care about, knowing what aspect of the human condition you're exploring, and connecting emotionally with your pages. 

Relying on ‘story’ or an imaginative ‘world’ is not enough. 

That unique emotional authenticity is your ‘voice’. It’s what attracts attention, and it’s really freaking hard to do. 


I help explore why you're compelled to write this idea, so you can tell a story that is entertaining and emotionally satisfying to you and your audience. 


My aim is to empower you to make the most of your idea, and your skills.


"The hour I spent Zooming with Tim was one of the most productive feedback sessions I have ever had.  His input was specific, thought-provoking, and honest.  He showed me a way forward with my story when I was feeling very stuck.  I am now very excited to write my script."

- Candy Fox - May, 2024

" Tim has helped sharpen many of my scripts by pinpointing what needs work and providing specific fixes for the rewrite. He has the gift of finding the emotional essence of a story even if it is hidden under pages of first draft bloat. Highly recommend."

- Shawn Boxe - Writer, Silicon Valley (HBO)



Is "Manipulation" Good in Screenwriting?

July 11, 2024 / 4:00 PM ET


Coaching Options

The Idea

Let’s discuss your idea before you’ve written a word. We’ll talk over coffee, zoom or the phone, with a focus on what aspect of the human condition you want to explore. Knowing what your story is ‘about’ helps you stay focused, and build a compelling script. I’ll also give you help with next steps – constructing the all-important outline.

​Fee: 1 hour - $110

Package - 2 x 1 hour conversations - $185

Package - 3 x 1 hour conversations - $260

"Tim has a keen eye for spotting vulnerabilities in story, pacing, and structure. His feedback on several of my scripts has been invaluable. I highly recommend his services for those that are serious about taking their work to the next level."

- Lloyd Gilyard Jr. - Writer, The Good Doctor (ABC)

"Tim got to the heart of some key areas where my script needed improvement and delivered very actionable notes. So much so that I couldn't wait to get back into the fray and get to work! I'm very glad to have found Tim's help"

- Stephen Shapiro - Write LA 2023 Entrant

"Thanks for these thoughts, Tim. I find your feedback truly insightful, and genuinely helpful."

- Link York - Write LA 2023 Entrant

Written Feedback

I read your script, and deliver at least a page of feedback. You’ll learn what’s working, and I’ll point out areas of opportunity for the next draft. And I’ll do it fast.


The goal is to improve your chances of making a memorable impact in competitions and with industry readers.


Fee: $125

(Pilot or Feature) Notes delivered within 7 days.

Read and Chat

I read your script, send you at least a page of written notes, then we chat over coffee, zoom, or the phone about whatever you want to discuss.


Fee: Read and a 30 min chat (zoom/phone only):  $190

          Read and a 60 min chat:  $245


Notes ALWAYS delivered within 7 days.

" Tim’s notes cut to the heart of a matter and truly help in developing a well-rounded character and world. I absolutely value his opinion and honesty." -

Ubah Mohammed - Writer, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (CW), The Whispers (ABC)

Payment via



Our workshops provide a safe space for writers to come together to learn, explore, and meet new friends. Numbers are small (especially online), to give each student the best chance to get real value from the experience. Early booking is recommended.


"I can definitively say I walked out of the workshop a much better writer than when I walked in. The environment was supportive and fun and the assignments allow you to take risks, and push you to get to the emotional core of your writing.  I would recommend this to any writer wanting to grow and take their writing to the next level."

-Nick A.

Workshop Options

Increasing Your Emotional Connection

Our original workshop. Each week you get a new writing exercise aimed at exploring your emotional connection with your writing.

Tim will be joined by 4 actors who will read each exercise, followed by a discussion and encouraging feedback from Tim and the group.

The aim is to take risks with your writing. It's our 'writer's gym', and it will boost your confidence, and command of craft.



Fee: $420 per person

Book Now:

First 10 Pages

Getting your first ten pages right is the difference between your script attracting industry attention, and dying.

Each week Tim will be joined by 4 actors who will read your pages, followed by a group discussion and advice from Tim on ways to dive into story, while establishing characters an audience can care about. You will be encouraged to take some creative risks, overcome your desire to do lengthy ‘set up’, and emerge with confidence at starting your script in eye catching ways.


4 weeks – ONLINE – Wednesday Nights - TBA

7.00pm – 9.00pm (Pacific) 4 SEATS ONLY -

Fee: $350 per person

Book Now:

From Idea To Outline

Come with an idea, leave with an outline. Tim will listen, encourage, and lead discussion about your idea, helping you move from random thoughts, to the all-important outline. Special attention will be paid to your individual emotional connection to the idea.  The sessions will be honest and encouraging, as students build characters, story, and an emotional journey for the audience, and finish the workshop with a viable first draft of a complete outline.  (Feature or Pilot)



4 weeks – ONLINE – Wednesday Nights – TBA

7.00pm – 9.00pm (Pacific) 4 SEATS ONLY

Fee: $320 per person

Book Now:

"This workshop has been essential in taking my writing from “hobby" to serious career focus. The guidance from Tim is incredibly valuable. Three words: Playful - Professional - Productive."

- Suzanne M.

Live Events


We held staged readings of scripts selected from entrants to a smaller LiveRead competition.  And we always had a working ‘Industry Insider’ join us to share wisdom.

We may hold more in future - join our email list for the latest updates.

To see the archive of previous LiveReads, and Insider Q&A’s, from people like Actor/Director Jason Alexander (Seinfeld), to Writer Kira Snyder (Handmaid’s Tale), click below.

"Literally some of the best feedback I've received over the course of about a dozen screenplays."

- Ivo Raza - Writer/Director

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