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Our Founder – Tim Schildberger – has written a book you need to read!

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The Audience and You: A guide to writing screenplays with emotional impact’ will make your screenplay, pilot, and overall writing career better. Quickly.


Most screenwriting advice focuses on ‘story’ and downplays the importance of the emotional experience for the audience and the writer. Tim’s book explores what really matters – a writer’s emotional connection with their script, and finding ways to engage an audience. If the greatest ‘story’ every written can’t make a group of strangers feel something…it will fail. Every single time.


Tim has read thousands of scripts, and his insights, tips and observations are now gathered in a book designed to help you quickly improve your command of craft.


Written in Tim’s honest, personal, sometimes blunt and funny style, this book delivers simple and effective ways to understand your true power as a writer, offers tips on creating compelling characters, and challenges you to explore your own, unique emotional toolbox to connect your script with the people who matter most – your audience.


If you have dreams of being paid to write scripts, that give people an entertaining, emotionally satisfying experience – you know, the kind you like when you watch something - you need to read this book.

Blue And White Modern Book Launching Instagram Post.png

What People Are Saying

"Tim’s approach is unlike anything you’ll find in other screenwriting books – it’s raw and honest - it serves as a great reminder of what matters most before you type FADE IN. This book is a great companion piece for all writers at any stage in their writing journey and it will give you the motivation and confidence you need to write authentic, emotional, and engaging stories that connect with an audience."

- Sadie Dean

Editor, Script Magazine

"The longer I do this job the more I’m convinced the most important thing you can do is forge an emotional connection between your audience and the characters as quickly as possible. Tim’s book is insightful and often provocative in its mission to get writers to be more thoughtful about this crucial connection. It’s filled with hard won wisdom from his own experience as a writer and reader, and supercharged with his passion for the craft.”

- Mickey Fisher

Creator, “Extant” (CBS), Writer, “Jack Ryan” (Prime Video

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