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Red Chairs
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Henry’s having trouble with a big life decision. River’s having trouble re-entering life after a sudden change. When these two strangers are accidentally locked in an old movie theatre overnight, both can't avoid the other’s curious probing despite having masterful deflection techniques. By the end of a night filled with emotional confrontation, surprising revelations, reality checks, bad popcorn and old candy, Henry and River realize their lives may have changed forever. Now what?

'Midnight Screening' starred Mouzam Makkar - star of TV series including 'The Fix' (ABC) and 'Naomi' (CW), and Ari Frenkel, 'American Crime Story: Impeachment' (FX), 'Silicon Valley' (HBO), and creator and star of his award-winning digital series 'Sorry Ari'. 

Check out some production photos below:


Thanks to all who attended!

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