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All About Loglines with the Co-Founder of Write/LA

Our co-founder Angela Bourassa recently did an AMA on Reddit. The event was a HUGE success with over 280 total comments, and counting.

Angela gave a lot of feedback on individual writer’s loglines, so if you’ve been struggling with your logline, check out the whole thread on Reddit.

Some of the big logline themes that emerged included:

  1. Many people don’t get deep enough into their story in their logline. They present the world, the character, and what the character wants to achieve, but then they leave out what stands in the character’s way and what’s at stake if they fail. If there are no obstacles and no stakes, you don’t have a complete story.

  2. Many other writers set up their world and character well, but then used vague terms to describe their main plot. Phrases like “must face the challenge of her lifetime” don’t cut it. We need to know — in concise terms — what the challenge actually IS.

Here are some highlights from the AMA. If you missed out on this one, we’ll aim to do another one soon!

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