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Announcing the Write LA 2021 Semifinalists!

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

We are thrilled to announce the 2021 Write LA Semifinalists. These fifteen writers rose to the top of a very crowded field with memorable stories and fascinating characters.

As Semifinalists, these writers will receive a free screenwriting book courtesy of Michael Wiese Productions, a free on-demand webinar courtesy of Script and the Writer's Store, a beautiful eco-friendly notebook courtesy of Decomposition Books, and free written feedback from our Head Judge Tim Schildberger.

And for the fortunate five who make it to the Finalist round, there’s even more in store.

We'd also like to congratulate the writers whose scripts came close to making the top 15, and earned an Honorable Mention.

Congratulations, writers!

The 2021 Write LA Semifinalists

Michi BromanRecovering - TV Pilot

Sarah CaseyBuoy - TV Pilot

Gabriel CruzThe White Lobster - Feature

Joel DahlConfluence - TV Pilot

Ari FrenkelWally's Last Day - Feature

Mads Gauger and Christan Mary LeonardThat Woman - TV Pilot

Avery GirionDamsel - TV Pilot

Erin LeafeScoundrel - TV Pilot

Alex MayPrivate Di - TV Pilot

Brandon MorgansteinCrutch - TV Pilot

Adam Pasen and Sammy HorowitzMusket and the Rat - Feature

Joel David SantnerThe Coffin Club - Feature

Joel David SantnerTunnel Rat - Feature

Steve TrebilcockThe Mirage of Normal - Feature

Alex WilliamsStarring Kip Donovan - Feature

The 2021 Write LA Honorable Mentions

Josh AuterS.H.A.R.P - Feature

Aaron Michael BaileyThe Heroine of Wrangel Island - Feature

Chris Desmond - Freefall - Feature

Matt FitzsimonsHello Gorgeous - TV Pilot

Adam KaiserI'm a Prisoner in an Alien Zoo - TV Pilot

Guillermo Lozano MartinzeThe Road to Bernal - Feature

Tom O'BrienBreakaway - TV Pilot

Steve ProwseNight Witches - Feature

Sean ReidyBillie and Mark Almost Get Killed - TV Pilot

Congratulations again to all! And a huge thanks to all who entered. The Finalists (Top 5) will be announced on October 1.

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