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Memo to Studios - July 2023

Updated: 5 days ago

Tim Schildberger - Script Magazine - July 18, 2023

To: Any Studio Currently Spending $100+ Million to Make a Movie

From: The Audience

Dear Hollywood Studios,

We, the audience, feel it’s time we had a serious conversation with you. Based on what we’ve been seeing lately, we have concerns.

It feels like you’ve lost sight of what you’re doing. Namely, spending your time figuring out how to entertain us, so we give you money. We understand making a movie, especially a big, expensive one, requires a lot of effort from a lot of people. But we’re worried the people at the ‘top’ may have lost perspective.

We don’t want to get into specific finger-pointing, because that’s not classy. However, Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania and The Flash are great examples of what’s gone wrong. From our perspective, neither of those movies was made to entertain us. At least, that wasn’t the first thing written on the whiteboard when the projects were being ‘hatched’ in your studio bunkers. We heard a lot about how Ant-Man was launching this bad guy, and that new phase of something or other. And The Flash felt like it was conceived to…well, honestly, we aren’t really sure why it was conceived.

Both films dabbled in something we want to officially declare is dead to us from an enjoyment perspective: The Multiverse. Just like vampires, we were curious about it for a moment, and you took that curiosity and bludgeoned us with it relentlessly, with some pretty mind-bogglingly confusing results, until we got really, really sick of it. And by 'we', we mean everyone who has never and will never go to Comic-Con. In other words, 90% of people who buy movie tickets. But hey, it was a mildly interesting ride for a second. Maybe you can finish it off by doing a ‘vampires in the multiverse’ just for fun?

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