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Our 2021 Winners are repped thanks to us!!

HUGE NEWS!! We are thrilled to announce out 2021 Grand Prize Winners Mads Gauger and Christan Leonard have found representation, thanks to us!

The talented team are now repped by Literary Manager Robyn Meisinger at Anonymous Content Management after someone saw the video we produced of their winning script 'That Woman'. It proves our theory - the more you put yourself out there, the better the chances to connect with the right people!

Mads and Christan have worked hard on their craft these last few years, so it's truly thrilling for us to see them take a huge step toward a successful screenwriting career.

Here's that they have to say about us...

'Tim's feedback cracked open our scripts and challenged us to take our pilots to the next level, and the Write LA competition helped give us the exposure we needed to create valuable connections in the industry. Few screenwriting competitions are worth your time, this is one of them.'

Thanks Mads and Christan - we are blushing. So for those keeping score at home, we have now helped our last 2 Grand Prize Winners find reps.

We open for entries March 1, and we have a bunch of awesome Lit Managers waiting to read our top 5. So get your pilot and/or feature scripts ready...because this could be the one we help grab some industry love.

Congrats Mads and Christan, and we can't wait for all the good news to come!

- Tim Schildberger - Co-Founder/Head Judge, Write LA.

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