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Writing Prompts! The Camping Edition + Our First Giveaway!

A new season of Write LA means we’re back to our old ways of posting writing prompts every week day. Here’s our first set — you can find new ones throughout the week on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

And speaking of Twitter, this morning we’re launching our first giveaway! One lucky winner is going to get FREE FEEDBACK on their script from Write LA Head Judge Tim Schildberger.

And we’re not talking about after the contest wraps — we’re talking about RIGHT NOW. You’ll get to send Tim the current draft of your script and he’ll give you written feedback within one week, giving you plenty of time to make edits and submit your script before our Final Deadline on June 15.

This prize is kinda huge. Finding out what the Head Judge thinks of your script before even submitting?? That’s invaluable.

So how do you win? All you need to do is head over to Twitter, follow @Write_LA, and tag us in a tweet saying something positive about us by midnight Pacific on Saturday (4/18).

For example, “.@Write_LA has really good taste in shoes!” or “I hear @Write_LA beat Chuck Norris in an arm wrestling match!”

That’s right, your post doesn’t have to be screenwriting-related. It just has to be awesome.

We’ll retweet all the entries, and on Sunday morning, we’ll pick our favorite one and announce the winner. One entry per person, and you need to be ready to share your script with Tim within the next week.

That’s it! No strings. No entry required. Head over to Twitter now to share your tweet!

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