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Latest News:

Our Script Competition is closed for season 2024. We'll open again Feb 1, 2025!

Meanwhile - check out our helpful tips, and Tim's helpful book!

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"The Audience and You"

A very helpful screenwriting book by our Founder Tim Schildberger is now available!

“Tim’s approach is raw and honest and will give you the confidence to write authentic stories that engage with an audience.”

- Sadie Dean

Editor, Script Magazine

“Tim’s book is insightful and provocative in its mission to get writers to be more thoughtful about the crucial connection between the audience and your characters.

- Mickey Fisher

Creator, “Extant” (CBS), Writer, “Jack Ryan” (Prime Video


What we offer

The Competitions

Coaching, Workshops & Live Events

Tips & Advice

Our annual Feature/Pilot Screenwriting Competition. Finalists get read by Literary Management Companies, and our Short Script Competition - the winner has their script read by professional actors, filmed, and produced.

Tim offers personal coaching and small workshops year-round for  writers at all levels. 


 We hold live events (live reads, panel discussions, mixers) regularly.  We’re a supportive, welcoming community for writers, wherever you are in the world.

We have a free and growing library of original videos, articles and carefully selected links to help build your command of craft, and navigate your writing career.

Who is Tim Schildberger?


Tim is the founder, writing coach and person behind it all. Born and raised in Australia, he was the youngest writer ever on the globally popular TV series "Neighbours". Tim moved to Los Angeles in 1997.


He was a senior member of the production team on the wildly successful feature "Borat", and then created, wrote, produced and directed a 13 episode comedy series for US and International TV called 'Lawrence of America'.

Since launching his coaching services and screenwriting competitions in 2016, Tim has developed relationships with many leading Literary Managers and Producers, and has proudly helped writers improve their skills and launch successful writing careers.

He continues his own writing, which now includes a book, and he's directed a play. He also keeps busy with amazing twin teenage daughters, he fosters shelter kittens and occasionally plays tennis. 

" Tim has one of the best story senses of anyone I know. He can always be counted on to locate whatever problem exists in a script and then, make a great suggestion on how to fix it. He has a no-nonsense, analytical understanding of story and character, which is very rare. Everything I write, I always run by him."

                                                                  - Gregg Ostrin - Screenwriter, TV writer, Playwright

"Midnight Scree
A Full Length Play by Tim Schildberger

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