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Past Winners

If any industry professionals would like to learn more about these writers or these scripts, please contact Tim Schildberger at


The 2022 Write LA Shorts Grand Prize Winner


Tova Swartz – Burning Questions | Comedy

After accidentally inviting over a non-witch to their coven meeting, two witches must decide what to do with the non-witch who now knows their location and existence.


The 2022 Write LA Shorts Finalists

Ted Bronson - Bury Me | Comedy

Still not over his divorce, a heartbroken man digs up his recently deceased ex-husband and interrogates him about why their marriage failed.

Brian Cohen - Conversations on a Couch | Comedy

A man on the autism spectrum endures extreme social anxiety to attend a New Year's Eve party, driven by an imperative to confront his best friend with a confession of love.

Mark Dollard - Weeping Wall | Historical

Berlin, 1987. A rebellious artist attempts to paint the forbidden side of the Berlin Wall.

Lexa Hayes - Sweet Sorrow Pie | Drama

A musician finds the courage to perform again after the loss of her muse in a journey that takes place from backstage to mic.

Ed Johnson - The Santero | Drama

An old man revisits ghosts of his past while on a pilgrimage from an old church to the top of a great mesa.

Hunter Morris - Old Dog | Drama

After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a kind-hearted man decides to take up guitar in order to take back control of his life.

William Neary - Perks Include Non-Dairy Creamer | Drama

A frustrated architect sets his aspirations aside for more stable employment, until a homeless woman challenges his decision.

Bernhard Riedhammer - Love To Go | Drama

A lonely retiree mourning his late wife tries to find new connections and turns to a dating website called “Love to Go.”

Jacqueline Schaefer- Bottomless | Comedy

All Michelle wants to do after a long week is to relax and watch reality TV. However, her plans are disrupted when her roommate Dina unleashes a wave of anxiety while getting ready for a meet-the-parents dinner date.

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